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All of our plans include prescription drug coverage. Provider Partners Health Plans Formularies are lists of drugs covered by each plan. Formularies are developed to meet the needs of our members based on the most commonly prescribed drugs, including certain prescription drugs that Medicare requires that we cover.  Provider Partner Health Plans formularies are approved by Medicare and updated throughout the plan year and may change if:

  • The plan no longer covers a drug.
  • A new drug is added.
  • A drug is moved to a different cost-sharing Tier.
  • A Prior Authorization, Step Therapy restriction or Quantity Limit has been added or changed for a drug.
  • A drug is removed from the market.
Page Last Updated:  10/15/2020

Provider Partner Health Plans are HMO-SNPs with Medicare contracts. Enrollment in Provider Partner Health Plans depends on contract renewal. Y0135_PPHPWEB_2021